We are super excited to announce that we Evolution Boxing & Fitness Gym have partnered up with The Health Food Emporium.

This is exciting times, we have great things planned and some exciting projects ahead.

Keep an eye out at the gym where we will be stocking some of your favourite products.

We have partnered up with Lipoliscious Sandton to give our members the best opportunities to assist with their journey.  Tried and tested ourselves!  Our approach is a holistic one, ensuring we cover all the bases of looking good but most importantly feeling good and living a healthy YOU.  All members receive fantastic discounts on 2 and 4 week treatments with Lipoliscious Sandton who offer exclusive non-surgical options for weight reduction, tanning, skin repair and skin tightening.  Their mobile tanning solution will be available at Evolution in the near future!  They specialize in cryolipolysis (fat freezing cool sculpting treatment), radio frequency, cavitation and lipo laser.

In conjunction with a healthy eating and fitness regime, your goals are just a step away!  

Cryolipolysis – FDA Approved, non-invasive fat loss procedure where we apply cool temperatures to the body to trigger fat cell death, breaking down the fat underneath your skin. Let us help you lose unwanted fat by freezing it!

Collagen Production – Make your skin look better than ever! Skip the needle, let us help you produce collagen naturally!

Lipo Laser Treatment – Traditional liposuction requires an invasive procedure to remove unwanted fat reserves. We offer a much easier and painless alternative! We can remove unwanted fat deposits with minimal effort!

Lipoliscious Sandton