The Concept is simple yet effective.

Evo60 is a program encompassing not only your daily workout, but a full assistance program to help you set goals and smash them! The classes are 60 minutes of high intensity, circuit training workouts. We ensure that no two classes are the same, with all classes focusing on an overall body workout which includes:

• Functional training

• Group training

• Body weight training

• Bootcamp

• Boxfit



In your personal Evo60 file you will have support with the following:

• Basic Meal Plan

• Healthy Foods

• Unhealthy Foods

• Measurement Recording (quarterly)

• Weigh Measurement Recording (quarterly)

• Before, During and After Photo’s

• Fitness & Health Goals

• Weight/measurement goals/targets

• MONTHLY NEWSLETTER with health tips, new eating plans, client of the month and recovery tips etc.