We opened our doors in 2015 and have since then grown into a supportive, dedicated, positive place-to-be that we invite people from all walks of life to be a part of.  We focus mainly on boxfit classes and with the introduction of our very own Evo60 program, we constantly strive to improve what we offer with a holistic approach to your health and fitness needs.  We also specialize in boxing on an amateur and pro level.

We are often told by newcomers “we are very petrified of starting”.  Our answer to that is simply don’t be!  You are not alone when you walk through those doors.  We are there every step of the way.  Our other members who have been with us for quite some time are always very encouraging and supportive.  We do not allow judgement to walk through our doors.  We do not allow you to fail.  On a bad day, we make it a great one!  Within a couple of weeks your initial fear turns into “I should have done this months ago”. 

So who are we?  We are the place our members call their second home. 

  • Facilities include showers and change rooms
  • No kids area